There are all kinds of songs in the world. What makes a song sacred? What makes a Psalm? In my imagination as a songwriter, there’s not a distinct line around the edges of truth and beauty. Beauty is found on the mountain peaks, but it’s also found in shadow places, in the secret darkness of a mother’s womb, and in the valley. Truth comes in unexpected moments, surprising us with illumination. 

These songs are from the valley, but they’re pierced through with light. Such is the way of God. He walks with us in the dark, and dark is as light to him. Often it’s there that we see him most vividly.  

These songs were written during the same season as the songs from my Psalms album. These are narrative songs, companions to David’s comforting words but they are my own words. They are songs of friendship, sorrow and comfort, and they’ve helped me to find my voice.

It’s my hope that these recordings will make space for meaningful questions. It’s my hope that these songs will be shared from one friend to another, for comfort in times of need. There’s no marketing agenda to promote, just a testimony of grace, received and given.  

May God carry these songs where he would have them to go. May he sanctify to us our deepest distress. He is good, steadfast and true. Even though we walk through the valley, he is with us.