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Sandra McCracken is a singer, songwriter and producer from Nashville, TN. Over the course of eight critically acclaimed studio albums, Sandra has developed a body of work that encompasses hook-driven melodic pop, No Depression-style Americana, contemporary recastings of classic hymns, and even children's music as part of the Nashville alt-folk super-group Rain For Roots. Her music has been featured on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy"; her 2013 solo record, Desire Like Dynamite charted as one of Billboard's Top 50 Heatseekers; and she is currently at work on a new album, Psalms for early 2015.

  • On my way to spend a week in Vermont with these good folks...pretty good way to close out the summer.
  • Stowaways in my bag on a flight to Manchester...miss you, Rhodes Webb!
  • When I thought, "My foot slips," your steadfast love, O LORD, held me up. - Psalm 94:18 (Pisgah National Forest)
  • One for the books today...exploring Pisgah National Forest (North Carolina) with my Dad & my kids in a 15 passenger van with John Denver on the stereo. More than superficial sentimentality, this adventure captured a long view of my life. "Country roads, take me home, to the place where I belong..." 🎶 If I may, St. Augustine penned a parallel poem of longing, "Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you." Full hearts as we tuck into our beds at a campsite in the mountains.
  • Songs up on the rock in the Box Canyon with my friend, Sara Groves. What an amazing week it's been. #LaityLodge
  • #BarbieCamper 💛
  • Dreams comin' true...RV camping with my people in Asheville, NC. #T&CRetroRentals
  • Just home from a restful weekend at Laity Lodge in TX...this photo is from an upcoming interview we recorded in Box Canyon. James K A Smith, Sally Lloyd Jones, Sara Groves, St. Augustine and all the friends who contributed to rich conversation--I am renewed and inspired.
  • Blue cake. Serious celebration for my favorite little boy on this planet. ❤ His imagination. Kindness. Courage. Subtlety. Lightness. And LOVE...perpetual gifts. I remember eating cake on this day 8 years ago. How fast it goes. Like every grain of sand...
  • Crazy schedule this week. 5 min and here is a calm place to find focus. My friend, Jennie Allen has a beautiful new book, Anything. The "Be strong and courageous" theme keeps coming up in my life...
  • Recording an advent album with the @rainforroots crew...just started this week with a quick road trip to Birmingham for a show right in the middle. Full days. Fun times. Creative spark. Family adventures.
  • Post @rainforroots show dance party in the caravan...feat. Beyoncé 🎶
  • Art imitates life. Portugal. #ARochaForum
  • I am spending a fruitful week near Lisbon, Portugal for the @arochaint forum. I am learning so much from the A Rocha family about creation care, celebration and lament--oh, and singability, too!  It's been a joy to sing together.  With 90 folks from 20 countries, we are finding out which songs we share and learning new ones. #arochaint
  • My new Alclair custom headphones arrived 🎶 just in time for my trip to Portugal. My solo international travel adventures just got more musical.
  • Levi, our border collie ❤️(8/12/2002-5/26/2015)
Rest in peace, our faithful friend. You brought us great joy and will be dearly missed.
  • Thanks to Ivan and @TGC for thoughtful questions & generous support of my new Psalms album. This interview just posted today.
  • Coming May 25th...@shereadstruth hymns. Glad to be part of this new EP of classic hymns!
  • I'm going to miss this pup...almost 13 years of loyalty and friendship. Levi is the smartest dog I know and a true canine friend. Walking tonight and savoring every min of it.
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