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Sandra McCracken is a singer, songwriter and producer from Nashville, TN. Over the course of eight critically acclaimed studio albums, Sandra has developed a body of work that encompasses hook-driven melodic pop, No Depression-style Americana, contemporary recastings of classic hymns, and even children's music as part of the Nashville alt-folk super-group Rain For Roots. Her music has been featured on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy"; her 2013 solo record, Desire Like Dynamite charted as one of Billboard's Top 50 Heatseekers; and she is currently at work on a new album, Psalms for early 2015.

  • City birds on the ledge. 'Consider the birds,' in NYC. They don't worry what they will eat or drink or what they will wear.
  • "From the rising of the sun to it's going down, let the name of the LORD be praised, from the rising of the sun." -Ps 113
  • "I'd like one of your finer bottles of Pino Noir...maybe something that goes well with pork chops?" (Wine shopping with city border collie, Lindy) @brannonmc @melmcal
  • BNA to LGA is one of my favorite routes to fly. Looking forward to being back with friends in Brooklyn & then joining the Gotham Fellowship retreat again this year in Princeton, NJ. 🍁
  • The magic of Cheekwood Botanical Gardens earlier today with my sweet kids home for fall break this week. Art. Trains. Pumpkins. Trails. Tree house. Felt like a vacation at home.
  • Good music. Helping people walk. @stepsoffaithfoundation 💛DOWNLOADS + TIPS = PROSTHETICS for people who desperately need them. I'm honored to have a song included:
  • Playing a solo show tonight @daviscollege in beautiful Johnson City, New York. 8 pm. Tix at the door.
  • I love Buddy Greene's magic box...pre-show rehearsal with the stellar house band for the Tokens Show tonight w/  @allsanddmusic & @thearcadianwild @lipscombuniversity
  • I took my young parakeets (in their cage) out on the porch for a bit this afternoon. Watching them lean in toward the tree canopy overhead for the first time, they seemed increasingly agitated to realize that they were in a cage. It gave me pause to consider my own struggle with contentment, freedom, limitations and innate design. "Consider the birds..." Lk 12:24
  • Back in the studio this week. First sounds of a new album which won't be ready until later in 2016. Still getting to know the songs, most of which (like 'God's Highway') have been tumbling around in my head and heart for a good while. Windows open. Let the light in.
  • Join us October 8th at Milk & Roses in Brooklyn, NY for an evening of songs and hymns...I will be joined by my 'Psalms' co-producer and friend, @mypalfootefoote.  It's a cozy room. Grab your tickets quick. Link on my website tour page. (Thanks @brannonmc!)
  • A giant hole in the ceiling after a plumbing repair. And an unexpected flower delivery from a friend. As I consider the all-sorts-of things that happen in an ordinary day, I trust it comes from the same hand. In all things, God is my portion.
  • Our new @rainforroots project is up for pre-order!  This project has been such a joyful collaboration between the band, our families and our community. Join us in the waiting...
  • Morning run. Stopping to see these. "You are here, you are holy, we are standing in your glory." -@allsanddmusic
  • Circa 1998 at the old pizza place by Vanderbilt. @kevintwit @megweigel
  • Cleaning out an upstairs closet. Found photos from "The Crucible" my first album, in 1999.
  • There are 6 people in my house this morning but I'm the only adult. Does this mean I am responsible for drinking the entire pot of coffee? Simple math works in my favor. #newmorning #newmercies
  • Some days you gotta buy yourself some roses for no reason at all. "Culture Care is a generative approach to culture that brings bouquets of flowers into a culture bereft of beauty." -Makoto Fujimura, from 'Culture Care'
  • Special occasion @handsomizer with my boy this afternoon. First real gentleman's haircut. 💛
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